Custom Lighting Manufacturer

Hotel Lighting Supplier

Lighting sheet metal

Complex and large-scale lighting fixtures are realized here. 

We have craftsmen with 15 years of experience, ensuring that every process is carefully crafted. For large and complex lighting structures, the craftsmen carefully produce every step and have rich experience in the use and production of every material.

ring chandelier

Achieve conceptual design 

To achieve a conceptual design for a lighting fixture requires team collaboration, constant trial and error, and improvement to create a perfect artistic craftwork. Our engineers and craftsmen possess years of experience and skills in dealing with complex and specialized material processes. They carefully craft every detail to meet the original demands of the conceptual design.

Floor lamps and wall lamps

Design and manufacture

From the beginning of the project, designers need to consider various aspects, including the installation environment, installation requirements, and transportation costs, in order to design a perfect lighting fixture. We have diversified manufacturing facilities and experience, ranging from metals, wood, glass, glaze, resin to fabrics, marble, PVC, and more, to meet any idea you have for customized lighting fixtures.


Quality and delivery

Before mass production of lamps, we always manufacture a perfect sample to serve as the basis for the production of large quantities of lamps. We have quality inspectors to check every detail of the craftsmanship, from the control of raw materials to the assembly. We always attach great importance to the delivery time of customers. From the start of the project, we will plan the entire project and control the time of each link to meet the project's schedule requirements.

Showroom lighting

Our exhibition hall displays many customized lamps and the latest designs. You can come to our exhibition hall to browse various latest-designed lamps for your choice.